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Participation in environmental protection
2000, Since the the fresh deer Battery Technology has been focusing on the development of green battery, the green battery products from the fresh deer battery technology to the world around sales of more than one hundred million fresh deer, environmentally friendly battery, saving more than 10 billion liters of water pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 10 million tons.
2010, fresh deer battery technology environmental charity started in Guangdong to carry out a variety of forms, through on-site activities, to motivate the participants to the recycling of used batteries to prevent environmental pollution.
2009, fresh deer battery technology has entered the "green schools" in multiple cities, with nearly a thousand children to explore the environmental secret life, donated children's environmental books to these schools.
Own patented green battery products Energizer deer battery technology is more environmentally friendly green awards in 2008, opened a new era for the battery.
2007, Energizer deer battery technology in the exposition in Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, New York, to promote the concept of green, to obtain the recognition and support of the international friends.
2006, Jin deer battery technology actively in China scrap battery recycling and environmental protection activities, walking in the forefront of the green battery technology, reduce raw materials abandoned pollution. The Energizer Battery Technology deer strict implementation of the international development of environmental performance indicators, and hope to arouse the public's awareness of environmental protection to the green tire.
2005, fresh deer Battery Technology affiliated factories have obtained ISO14001 certification.
Fresh deer battery technology to China in 2003 launched the "JinLu" series of environmentally friendly batteries, is launched in China, the real sense of the green battery manufacturers.

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